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RedPi Apps is a top rated android app development company pioneering in quick fix tools for your android phones and tablets.

Slow, laggy touchscreen? Seeing dead pixels on your screen? Is your accelerometer acting weird? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! We have over 10M trusted customers who use our apps on a daily basis to fix issues on their android phones and tablets.

If you’re facing issues with your android touchscreen response times, we suggest using our Touchscreen Repair app. This is one of our top rated app (4.6/5) with over 5 million downloads and 400k+ user reviews. Android touchscreen response times deteriorate over time. This is usually a software issue and can easily be fixed by using our app. Our users have reported seeing significant improvements in their touch response times.

Another common issue with android phones is the accelerometer (aka motion sensor) mis-calculating your device’s motions. This usually effects your gaming experience. If you’re playing a racing game on your android phone and the car isn’t turning as expected or are having a frustrating experience playing your favorite first person shooter game (pubg?), you can use our Accelerometer calibration app to re-calibrate the accelerometer.

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Android touchscreen repair
Touchscreen Repair
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Display Calibration
Android touchscreen dead pixel repair
Dead pixel repair
Android touchscreen calibration
Touchscreen Calibration
Android accelerometer calibration
Accelerometer Calibration